tuesday afternoon at china wong buffet
tuesday afternoon at china wong buffet is
an elaboration on a well-known fairy tale,
retold using conventions established by
20th century performance artists and composers.

the performances, which took place in spring 2004,
involved collaboration between more than fifty
students, faculty, and staff of denison university
and the surrounding community.

the project was led by steve mokris.
the script was written by him and kristina kemp.

three performances of this
two-hour-fifteen-minute piece took place, involving
live and pre-produced music,
numerous short films,
instantmessenger conversations,
a powerpoint presentation,
and interactive video.

over the following year — summer 2004 through spring 2005 —
post-production work ensued,
resulting in a DVD edition of the piece.

the DVD edition combines pre-production video,
video shot at all three performances,
and extensive post-production compositing
and computer graphics work.
version3.1DVD edition
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