order your very own TACWB DVD(s)


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you read the cryptic commentary...
viewed the highly-uninformative photographic propaganda...
and then you watched the trailer.

somehow you survived all of that
and now --- for reasons we cannot comprehend --- are apparently interested
in your very own copy of the TACWB DVD ASAP.

well, it will cost you.
it will cost you $4.00 USD
plus $2.00 USD for shipping within the continental unitedstates
(or $3.00 USD for international shipping)

"outrageous!" you say?
perhaps rightly so.

notwithstanding, here's what you get for that argubly-outrageous sum:

  • the DVD itself.
    it's not some uncool
    "whee-i-can-burn-my-own-DVDs-in-my-new-Mac-toaster!" DVD-R
    that will selfdestruct within a few months,
    but a genuine professionally glass-mastered, pressed silverish DVD.
    the kind that you might find in a retail store.
  • a cool retail case, including color artwork AND a barcode!
  • shrinkwrap
  • no foolin'

that's all.

by the way, this uses PayPal.
if you can't deal with PayPal for some reason,
i'd love to work out some other arrangements
to get this thing into your hands.

simply mail me. steve@ruori.org

over there!
it's a sign!

it says: