order of events
random messagesIncluding but not limited to an "exciting offer" from a prominent mortgage broker.
mock cityA song about structures used for emergency rescue training.
ip relay voicemailRuori is...
kleine fabelLast year's KleineFabel, now with more of our own home-grown animations.
express to success voicemailHe's gonna, well, heh, he's gonna... watch the SWAT raid on the bank!
pureA slightly altered version of our performance for PURE 2006.
one waySpoken interlude.  Approximately half of a phone conversation about nothing.
sparrowA single viola becomes a self-contained viola orchestra with looping technology.
por favorTotally inexplicable, vaguely sexual-sounding voicemail in Spanish.
executive blondeWhen you cross a power suit, a wedding dress, a toy cellphone, and postfeminism.